Is It Important To Use a Tongue Scrapper?

You may ask if the use of tongue scrapper is something you should seriously consider. Well, if you look at the current scenario, many people have pretty bad eating habits. Although the field of dentistry has gained major advancement recently, the overall status of oral hygiene is not quite satisfactory due to certain common habits and health conditions in the people. So yes, use of tongue scrapper is very much a necessity and you should add a few seconds of extra time in your daily oral hygiene routine in order to use tongue scrapper.

Need for using a tongue scrapper

Although there can be many reasons you can use a tongue scrapper, the major one is that it helps you to have fresh breath. The texture of tongue allows settlement of many types of bacteria on its surface. And you cannot just get rid of these bacteria with the help of simply brushing the tongue. These bacteria on the tongue create sulfur compounds which can further create bad breath. This bad breath can become chronic if left untreated. Since those bacteria remain there to stay on the tongue, they can use this surface as a platform to launch attack on teeth, gums and other portions of oral cavity.

Although people believe that they do enough to remove bacteria from the tongue by simply brushing, it’s not actually the case. If you look at the toothbrush, it is never meant to clean your tongue. A toothbrush can remove debris and food particles from your teeth because teeth have smooth surface. On the other hand, tongue doesn’t have this smooth surface and the brush wouldn’t be able to dislodge bacteria settled on the small pits present on the tongue. A tongue scrapper on the other hand can clean your tongue quite effectively.

How to use a tongue scrapper?

If you want to avoid bad breath while also reducing the amount of bad bacteria in the mouth, tongue scrapper is the very dental hygiene tool you should use on regular basis. You might have some questions regarding how to use a tongue scrapper properly. Well, it’s quite an easy process. You just have to keep a few things in your mind.

  • It is recommended to start scrapping from the back side of the tongue and coming forward to the front side. Make sure that your motion is smooth and you are carrying out this process with gentle hand. It won’t take long for you to get used to this technique.
  • Make sure that you are scrapping the entire tongue. It also includes the sides of the tongue. It’s quite wrong to focus only on the middle of the tongue.
  • After you are done with the tongue scrapping, rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • After finishing scrapping your tongue, wash the tongue scrapper.

In order to fully understand the benefits of tongue scrapping, you can discuss about it with your dentist as well.


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